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The club was started with the sole purpose of enjoying and promoting Scottish Country Dancing and that is still its main aim.  While there is a good social side there is a certain commitment to leaning how to dance as well as possible, which helps with the enjoyment and gives everyone a sense of achievement.

The emphasis has always been on being an International Group, and we encourage all nationalities. Although the majority of teaching is in English because we believe that the basic terminology should be retained to encourage and facilitate dancing at other venues; we are all very capable of explaining in French as well.  Our situation, on the Côte d’Azur and also near the Technology Park at Sophia-Antipolis, means that we are able and pleased to welcome visitors who are in the area for holidays or for work.

In order to further promote Scottish Dancing in the Region the Club frequently performs demonstrations in the area, more often than not in the company of the local “folklorique” groups.  This gives us the opportunity to improve our level of dancing and demonstrate our proficiency, and in addition to share in the rich culture of the Region.

Last Updated: 18 April 2004