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This year, the well-established week-long festival of exhibitions, conferences and music was celebrating not only the centenary of the Entente Cordiale, but also the sixtieth anniversary of the liberation of Beaulieu, and the final weekend was given a Scottish flavour with orchestras, bands and food from Scotland.

Yes, Minister ...

Scottish Dancing Côte d’Azur and the Monaco Group joined forces for the display.

Some of the Team
with Andy Kerr, the
Scottish Finance Minister ...

The team performed once in the early evening, outside the Beaulieu Casino at “La Ferme” before an audience of the general public, where they received an enthusiastic welcome. They performed again later inside the Casino, prior to a concert by The Scottish Ensemble, before an invited audience, and were also well received.

Robertsons Rant Finance Minister

Robertsons Rant

Present at the event were - Sir John Holmes, British Ambassador to France; M Gérard Errera, French Ambassador to the UK; and Andy Kerr, the Scottish Finance Minister.

Last Updated: 29 September 2004