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We ran our Workshop on 5/6th April despite the efforts of the French Public Servants, whose strike actions caused flights to and from France to be cancelled on the Thursday previous.  Our proposed teacher, Alan Davis, had decided to arrive early to give himself more time to get to know us and the area.  Rearranging flights proved impossible and we reluctantly had to cancel his visit, much to his and his wife’s disappointment.

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We were extremely fortunate that Jim & Marilyn Healy from Perth had decided on 2 weeks holiday in our region at the time, and they were looking forward to attending a Workshop “where they did no organising”.  With great enthusiasm, they stepped into the breach and, at a day’s notice, they put together a programme for beginners and expert dancers alike.

In terms of attendance, it was almost an “Italian Job”, with dancers from Milan and Imperia, to add to our friends from Monaco .  We also had the pleasure of welcoming the Musical Director of the RSCDS, Mo Rutherford, and her well-known musician husband Neil Copland.  They happened to be on holiday in France as well, “at a place called Mougins”, as they said to Jim Healy – “you wouldn’t know it”.

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Angela & I are very happy with the final outcome, although we would have liked a smoother ride.  We thank all our helpers for their efforts, and above all we thank all the participants for making it such an enjoyable event.
(Robin & Angela Hemmings)

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